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How Has the Internet Changed the Job Hunt?

Thursday, 23 March 2017 16:45

How Has the Internet Changed the Job Hunt?

The internet has been the cause of much change throughout the world, and the realm of job hunting is no different. Major changes have happened to completely change the way employers search for and find their candidates, and the way candidates find and apply for jobs. Realizing and understanding these changes can help you prepare to enter the job hunt in the new world of online recruitment.

The talent pool is bigger
For job seekers, this may be one of the downsides of internet job searching. Because the information is readily available to everyone, the pool of talented applicants is much larger, spanning more than just the localized area that would have previously had access to job postings in the local newspaper. For employers, this is great. They are now able to draw from a broader group, giving them access to the best candidates, not simply the best candidates in their small area. For this reason, you've got to broaden your reach as far as possible. A service, such as Recruiter can help get your resume out to great companies through their network of recruiters.

Things move faster
No longer do you have to wait for the morning newspaper to arrive at your doorstep. Things are nearly instantaneous now, and you can search for new job postings at any time of the day or night. Then, when you find the job you want to apply for, you can immediately send your resume off to the employer. For employers, their search is made much easier, because they can post a job ad whenever it's necessary, and can expect the applications to begin arriving quickly. And because things are moving at such a fast pace, it's essential to make an incredible first impression with your application. Some resume writing help from UK Top Writers is a great way to get some professional resume writing input, to let your resume stand out from the rest. 

Finding information is easier
Not only is it easy and quick to find a number of job postings in your area of interest, but you're also able to do additional research into the hiring company, in order to tweak your resume to suit what they're looking for. On the hiring side, employers can quickly screen their applicants and may even be able to verify the claims on their resume, with a simple Google search. Keep yourself in the loop on the latest information in your field, through Forbes. The better informed you are, the better prepared you'll be to apply for and excel at any position.

Long distance hiring is possible
Skype and other communications platforms make it possible to apply and be interviewed for jobs overseas, without having to jump on a plane. Face-to-face interviews are still possible, in essence, because the candidate and employer are able to see one another, rather than simply relying on a phone conversation. It's fast, easy and best of all, budget friendly for both applicant and employer. And, to keep abreast of the latest news and information anywhere in the world, Bloomberg is your source. Whether you're applying for a job abroad or hiring someone to work overseas, it's important to know the news for that area of the world.
Things have changed tremendously in the field of job hunting, all because of the internet. There are some downfalls, for employees and employers, but there are far more benefits for both. Keep yourself updated on new changes that may happen to the online job search process, and you'll always remain a competitive force in the candidate pool.

- By Rachel Summers