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What To Do After University and Before Starting a Job: Teaching Abroad Over the Summer Holidays

Friday, 15 August 2014 10:39

By Shikha Sharma 


A gap year: perfect for adventure, relaxation and excitement. 

The summer holidays are long enough for you to experience just as much fun and gain great qualities ideal for your CV too! 

I have always loved travelling but, at the same time, I never wanted to take a gap year. After months of revision, exhaustion and over- eating I was ready for something new. This is when I decided to teach English in India, over the summer. Having family there I was used to the surroundings, however, teaching younger students was a completely new experience. Overall, it helped me progress in terms of my language and social skills. 

Although it may not seem as though the summer holidays are long enough to gain as much of a teaching experience as one would in a gap year, time is not an issue. The question is where is the best place to go? 


If you’re ready for an adventure, then Europe is the ideal place! 

English is spoken in most countries, so there will not be a strong language barrier.  

The idea of being away from home may be daunting, so Europe is the ideal location as it’s not too far away!  

Most countries in Europe have a huge tourist industry, so the majority of places will cater for you. 



To gain an authentic and unique experience Asia is the place to go!  

• Whether you want to teach in under-developed areas or highly-developed areas, Asia presents many opportunities. 

• The picturesque views are a key reason to spend your summer in Asia! 

• Your cultural understanding will improve a large amount. 


South America 

South America offers a summer full of sun, learning and enjoyment! 

• When you’re not teaching, South America offers many exceptional activities for you to take part in. 

• South America currently has a high demand for English teachers! 

• Whether you want to teach in the mountains, by the beach, or in a bustling city, South America offers a great deal! 


Even once you have finished university and have a job lined up for September, teaching abroad is perfect for your summer. Not only will you gain an exceptional, unique experience but it will
also make your CV extremely impressive.