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Where Have All the Banking Staff Gone

Monday, 11 November 2013 20:14

Hard on the heels of City job losses with Lloyds, Barclays and UBS scaling down their staffing levels, a unique, new and intensive personal mentoring programme has been launched to support careers in banking & finance.  Executive search company, Fairway Partners, has launched the Future Proof Programme – a highly bespoke journey that is tailored to focus solely on the aspirations of each individual.  

The Programme has been designed to support individuals exploring new, alternative career possibilities in aligning their current expertise to pastures new, as well as supporting those who have been made redundant in the cut backs.  Future Proof offers an opportunity for individuals to take stock and evaluate their skill-sets and consider how these may potentially transfer into other roles within the sector – and beyond.  It can also be highly valuable in aiding people working in banking and finance looking to ‘get ahead’ in their careers. 

Founder and CEO of Future Proof Programme, Nader Bawany of Fairway Partners (formerly with Bank of America), says this is a unique opportunity for individuals to secure the services of industry experts to work on THEIR interests and NOT on behalf of a bank or an institution:

“It’s a question of flipping the executive search process on its head” he says.  “A search or recruitment firm will work on behalf of the employer as that is who ultimately pays the fees.  Now, here is a bespoke service that puts the interests of the candidate firmly at the forefront of the agenda and delivers specialist mentoring to support their own aspirations – whatever those may be”.

Each client undertakes a six month programme, which has been developed solely for them in order to concentrate on their personal improvement and development.   Each individual will work alongside a team of industry experts, including international business guru; Chris Barrat, City specialists; Uzair Bawany and Abid Hamid, and life coach expert; Zena Everett. 

Included in the programme are elements such as how to effect and leverage industry introductions, the art of networking, a thorough appraisal of skills and transferable opportunities plus a look at how to manage ‘upwards’ and secure better packages within existing employment.  It also looks at the pathway to re-employment or broader life change if a whole career change is being considered.  There will be a series of events and introductions made throughout the programme. 

Bawany continues: 
“According to CIPD figures last year, the Finance & Insurance sectors have seen around 1,766,000 redundancies since recession began.  This represents an army of talent but, we regularly see a lack of confidence after redundancy, which means a helping hand is needed to support those individuals through their next career steps.   That might mean a new start, a new change of direction – there is no hard and fast rule as to where the Programme will take you! 

“We are revealing what some might call the ‘dark arts’ of search and selection, giving people an insight into our core area of what we do every day.  We want each candidate on the programme to have a real understanding into how an employer thinks – there are a lot of people out there and what makes you think that you are the right person – what is the differentiator – why you?”

The Future Proof Programme is open to any individual working in the finance, banking and insurance sectors, including London-graduates and foreign students with relevant degrees looking to hone their skills and prepare themselves to be one step ahead in an intensively competitive career market or, of course, financial sector employees who have been made redundant as a result of the recession.   Bespoke packages start at £1,000 for a six month’s programme, with a premium option available.