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Travelling to an Interview? Here's How to Save Money on your Trip

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 12:13

Travelling to an interview can be an expensive business, especially if you need to travel during peak times. But there are some ways that you can save money on your travel costs. So before you get that all important job (and start raking in the cash), you might want to think about how to get to that interview in the cheapest way possible.


With the UK’s extensive rail network, it’s usually much easier and less hassle to hop on the train instead of taking the car (especially with the high city centre parking fees). However, with the price of a train ticket having significantly jumped in recent years, you’re going to want to be as savvy as possible. 

One way to save money is to travel during off-peak times but when you have an interview at a certain time, this might not always be possible. And that’s where the 16-25 Railcard can come in handy. It lets you save a third on all your train tickets. And the best part is that it’s also valid during peak times, so you could really save a lot of money. Plus, the railcard is valid for a year from the date of purchase, so even when you get that dream job, you can still save money on your fares when you have to travel during peak hours to get there. You can also keep on renewing the card each year until you hit 26 years old. 

For some extra savings when you’re shopping for an on board snack to take with you on your journey, there’s a card you can get that gives you a 10% discount on food and snacks at various outlets within stations in the UK, including Millie’s Cookies and Upper Crust. So you can make sure you’re fully fed before you head to the interview or reward yourself with a treat after it’s over. 


If it’s more convenient for you to hop on the bus to get to your interview then you will likely be hoping that some cheap deals exist. And the good news is, they do. Large companies, including First Group and Stagecoach, offer student bus passes, where you can often get unlimited bus travel after paying for the one pass. This could come in handy if you also need the bus for getting to other places or for nights out. 

Also, the one company we all know about - Megabus - offers bus tickets for travelling between cities, often for as low as £1. So this could be a great option for you if you need to travel quite a distance to get to your interview. It’s even possible to get the bus from Glasgow or Edinburgh overnight to London for just £1 which could work out well if you’ve got an interview for a high flying job or internship in the big smoke! Just make sure you find somewhere to wash up and make yourself presentable before you show up for your interview.

It’s not just bus tickets that you can find with Megabus. They also offer discounted train tickets for travelling across the country. You’ll usually find that the cheapest tickets are for travelling between two large cities but you can even find train tickets for as cheap as £1.