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Vidu Recruitment Website Launch

Friday, 18 August 2017 15:28

For all those graduates looking for a job, there’s a website you must keep on your radar. Recently launched, Vidu Recruitment is a website which promises to bring novelty and ease to the process of job-seeking. 

It’s a website where you, as a candidate, can create a free personal profile (on which you can provide links to your LinkedIn or social media profiles) and then upload a video to introduce yourself, your strengths and your aspirations. The idea of the video is that it will help you stand out from the crowd and add a more personal, human touch to your application. As well as strengthening your application, Vidu also aims to help candidates find companies which are a better fit for them. When you search for a job and click on an employer, you can see that employer’s profile and their videos: by having access to more information about the employer, you can make a more informed decision about whether to apply for the position or not. 

Nicky Jones, the founder of Vidu with 15 years’ experience of recruiting senior staff, says: “It became very apparent to me that the Recruitment industry hasn’t really changed with the times, even with evolving technology, no one has reconstructed the whole dimension of this industry. It’s tired, costly, time consuming, and outdated and it needed an overhaul in its entirety, not just in parts of the process”. As it is her area of expertise, the Logistics sector is the initial focus for the Vidu launch. That being said, they plan on rolling out across all major market sectors, so if your desired job isn’t represented on Vidu yet, it may be worth revisiting the website in a couple of weeks.

Vidu have already linked up with Cranfield University, Oxfordshire, to encourage graduates to use the new service, and are looking to partner up with other higher education institutions further down the line. Their website makes plain that graduates are at the heart of their mission, so hopefully it will be a useful tool for the new generation of tech-savvy graduates. 

- By Papatya O’Reilly