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Life in Leeds: The London of the North

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 08:45

Dynamic and diverse. Vivacious and vibrant. And perhaps best of all, cheap as chips; what’s not to love about this effervescent city?

Picture this; you are an undergraduate, thoroughly enjoying life and getting lost in ‘the now,’ when all of a sudden graduation day comes around rather abruptly and you find yourself face to face with that terrifying dilemma you have spent the whole year trying to dodge; what next? And more importantly, where next? For many of us this image is a harsh reality. But before the calls from the great capital tempt you southwards, take some time to consider making this unauthenticated northern capital, Leeds, a suitable second home. Since the city is home to four universities, with the University of Leeds alone claiming over 33,000 students, including over 9,000 post graduates, you certainly won’t be alone. So, if you’re suffering from a particularly severe case of post-grad blues, you can be certain that this city will provide you with that student buzz that you just aren’t ready to part with yet. 

‘Varied’ seems too simple a word when it comes to describing the nightlife that Leeds has to offer. For those who enjoy indie and alternative music smaller clubs including Wire and Hifi would suit your tastes, attracting big-name DJs and hosting popular regular club-nights. Spots such as Pryzm host nights that welcome the chart music lovers of the world and others, such as Canal Mills and Beaver Works, are celebrated for their big-name events such as Cirque de Soul. If you’re ready to leave your clubbing days behind or you enjoy a more social setting Call Lane and Millennium Square should be your port of call with bars including Neon Cactus, Oporto, All Bar One and Call Lane Social amongst the many popular destinations.

Best of Both Worlds
Living amongst the hustle and bustle of the city centre it is easy to forget that Leeds is the ideal destination for those who wish to escape the hurried urban lifestyle from time to time. The Yorkshire Dales provide stunning landscapes suitable for a leisurely weekend getaway and with the location being less than twenty miles away from the city centre you have the countryside practically on your doorstep. Additionally, more local green spaces can be found in Roundhay Park and Golden Acre Park which are popular spots amongst many locals.

Good Connections 
Despite being a city that you may never wish to part with, Leeds City Railway Station boasts the status of third busiest train station in the UK outside London. High speed services allow you to travel to London in just over two hours in addition to useful cross country services connecting you to major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. So if you must leave, you can do so quickly and easily.

Career Opportunities
In addition to geographical connections, the connections this city can provide you in terms of career opportunities is vast. Out of all major employment centres Leeds has one of the most diverse economies in the UK. This means chances for employment are high, with the Financial Services sector being the most common and opportune in the area. 

So if you’re struggling to decide on where to plant your roots after university, Leeds may be the city for you.

- By Gemma Beckingham