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Well-Paid Teaching Jobs in Vietnam Are Up For Grabs...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 15:13

 - Are you looking for adventure? Do you have advanced English language skills? Are you ready to complete a 4-week, Australian Government accredited & internationally recognised TESOL TEFL program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam? If you answered ‘yes’ to all 3 questions you’ll be pleased to know there are a multitude of well-paid teaching jobs in Vietnam for people just like you.

Teaching English Vietnam (TEV) is a TESOL–TEFL company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The TESOL TEFL in Vietnam program offered by TEV is all about providing the qualifications, knowledge and hands-on experience you need to land well-paid teaching jobs in Vietnam and in other parts of the world.   

With an economy that’s growing at a rate most developed countries can only dream about, coupled with 60% of the total population being under 35 years of age, there’s an insatiable thirst among Vietnamese people to acquire English language skills. This directly translates into teaching jobs in Vietnam for those people who are up for the challenge.

The TESOL TEFL course offered by TEV in Ho Chi Minh City comprises 150 hours of in-class study over 4 weeks – including 20 hours of practical classroom experience with real English language students involved in ongoing study programs. The 4-week course comes with free western standard accommodation and a guaranteed teaching job at the end. 

Teaching jobs in Vietnam are available nationwide - north, south, east, and west, city, regional and rural. Once you have completed the 4-week TESOL TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh City, simply let TEV staff know your preferred work location. With a network of over 250 schools and English Language Centres across Vietnam, TEV will procure a paid teaching position that is right for you – guaranteed. Over the past 4 years, the success rate with placing graduates of the TESOL TEFL program in Ho Chi Minh City was 100% – with 95% of students commencing teaching jobs in Vietnam within 14 days of completing the course.

Most teaching jobs in Vietnam for TESOL TEFL graduates involve 20 to 30 hours of ‘hands-on’ classroom instruction each week. You can be assured there are more teaching jobs in Vietnam than there are TESOL TEFL qualified teachers to fill the positions – many times over. 

Native English speakers with TESOL TEFL certification under their belt can realistically expect to earn an average of $15.00 per hour teaching English in Vietnam. Some teachers earn less working in rural areas. Others earn up to $25.00 per hour teaching at universities, colleges and in the corporate sector. While the hourly rate of pay is important, it needs to be balanced against the cost of living. By any measure, Vietnam is cheap. 

Teaching jobs in Vietnam often come with free accommodation as part of an employment agreement. In the event you need to pay for your housing, western-style accommodation – furnished – is¬¬ readily available for around US $250.00 per month. It is possible to eat in a restaurant anywhere in Vietnam, 3-times a day, 7-days a week and still have change from US $60.00. Local beer is 30 cents for a 500ml bottle – it may taste a bit rough, but you get used to it. You will only pay around 25 cents for a local bus ride and $3.50 for a 45 minute journey on a motorbike taxi.

Typically, foreigners who work in teaching jobs in Vietnam earn somewhere between US $1,000.00 and US $2,000.00 per month depending on where they work and how many hours they work. With the cost of living in Vietnam being very low, TESOL TEFL graduates can realistically expect to save at least half of their income – without cutting corners. 

There is no doubt about it - teaching jobs in Vietnam provide a decent income and an excellent lifestyle for people who are prepared to take on a real challenge. So, if you’re looking for an adventure, have super English language skills and are ready to obtain TEFL TEFL certification in Ho Chi Minh City – there are teaching jobs in Vietnam that are right for you. 


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