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Pitch Up

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 15:30

Pitch Yourself for the Job of your Dreams

With youth unemployment remaining over 20% as we enter 2013, the UK Government has announced the launch of a programme aimed at giving young people the skills they need to get jobs and apprenticeships. Skills such as CV writing and interview techniques have been identified as lacking amongst 16 to 24 year olds, as they struggle to sell themselves to prospective employers.

"The education system in the UK doesn't teach young people how to pitch" says TV presenter and "Pitch Doctor" Paul Boross."Being able to pitch well is essential when writing a CV or going for an interview. What makes you stand out from the crowd is your ability to make a real and genuine connection with another human being, create a deep and lasting impression and make them want to invest in you."

New book "Pitch Up," written by "Pitch Doctor" Paul Boross, explains how jobseekers must use pitching skills to stand out when trying to win the job of their dreams. Television programmes like Dragons Den and The Apprentice have raised public awareness of the importance of a good "pitch", and this new book, published next month, will show you how to perfect your pitching skills and make yourself "investible" for recruiters.

As an internationally acclaimed author and speaker on communication, performance and pitching skills, Paul Boross has worked with entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and organisations such as the BBC and Google.

With invaluable tips on how to sell yourself, Boross' latest book will help any jobseeker to:
• Understand and develop their personal brand
• Make a great first impression
• Understand the importance of social media
• Do face-to-face networking effectively
• Creating a winning CV that reflects who and what they are
• And most importantly, how to make your "pitch" to recruiters