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What Not to Do

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 14:09

Your CV is the first point of contact a prospective employer will have with you. Get it right with Clearly Creative CVs by Gavin Ricketts.

In todays competitive Media industries, it’s essential that your CV ticks all the right boxes as it determines the first impression an employer will form of you. If you dont convey your skills clearly and effectively, your application may go straight in the bin. Having read thousands of CVs as a producer, writer and director Gavin Ricketts can immediately tell when someone has got it right or wrong. He has 15 years of industry experience and six years- experience of running and marketing his own production company.

When we post a job ad, we get so many responses that those that do not hit the nail on the head go in the recycle-bin. But a poor CV is not always indicative of a poor applicant; many simply do not do their senders justice.

Distilling this experience and backing it up with industry research, Gavin has developed a successful course on how to write a great CV for the television, animation and other creative industries. Clearly Creative CVs will change the way the recruitment process is viewed, give a new insight into why certain CVs are picked over others and equip readers with simple but effective marketing skills that will see a rise in the number of interview requests, job wins and annual earnings.

As a producer, I was tired of reading CV after CV where people made the same key mistakes that meant I actually knew nothing about them or worse still, put me off reading them halfway through. I decided to set up a workshop to help people re-think the way they wrote their CV, says Gavin, who is publishing this book to bring his strategies to a wider audience.

‘The great thing about this book is it clearly sets out how to market yourself in all stages of your career; from the budding wet-behind-ears grad, to the seasoned series producer, there is plenty in here to grapple with, no matter what rung of the ladder you’re on.’  Joe Mahoney, Managing Director, Production Base.