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Monday, 09 June 2014 11:27

By Kirsten Oliver

- 3 years, 156 weeks, 1095 days and yet it seems like only yesterday that you were travelling to university, with your bags packed up and copious amounts of alcohol to last you through freshers.

University goes extremely quickly, and attending your final seminars and battling to finish your dissertation take over. It’s a daunting experience, finishing something you have known for the past three years of your life, and the transition period that is imminent is a strange one.

As a graduate you suddenly have a lot of choices to make: Do you want to continue education and complete a master’s degree? Do you want to spend this part of your life travelling the world? Or, if you’re anything like me, do you want to start a career?

Job searching is intimidating and can be such a long process to undertake. It can be laborious but the end product is worth it. During this transitional period it can be tedious searching the Internet for that dream job, having, in your opinion, a great interview only to be told you didn't get the job. It’s almost heartbreaking! But I'm not alone in this struggle. So, I thought I’d share with you some tips that can make the fight a little better.

#1 Discipline.

The job unfortunately isn’t going to fly into your hands, so make a little time a day to apply for jobs. Instead of going crazy and trying to apply for as many as possible in one day, spread out your time. Spend twenty minutes out of your day and apply for one job. You will spend more time on the application with better results

 #2 Tell the truth.

If you got a 2.1 in your degree be honest about it! If the company wants a higher grade don’t lie to give them what they want. It saves the embarrassment of having to tell them if you’re invited to an interview. Be proud of your achievements and don’t hide them.

#3 Don’t settle.

Does that salary sound brilliant but the job not so much? Don’t apply for things that you’re not interested in, even if it pays well. Have the mind set that you’re going to be in this job for a long time. Don’t apply for things that you can’t see yourself doing. Have high hopes! Even if you apply to fewer vacancies, it’s better than attaining a job you might not like in the long run.

#4 Prepare!

Did you land an interview? If you have then it’s time to prepare. Take the time out to research the company and find out what they do and what they stand for. Interviewers will look positively on a candidate who knows their stuff and is willing to learn about the company.

#5 Be yourself.

The interview is the final stage, the thing you have been working towards. Don’t let the nerves get the better of you! Smile and relax. The interviewers don’t bite! They are people too, and are looking for candidates with skills, but also a person who they feel comfortable working with in the future. This is your moment to shine in person instead of being represented by a CV. So let a bit of your personality through.

About the Author: I am currently a third year English Literature student at York St John University, I finished my degree in May 2014. I have been through the process of applying for jobs and graduate schemes and am due to start a career as a Graduate Bid Writer in Nottinghamshire in the summer.