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5 Ways You Can Kick Start Your Job Hunt with a Prolific Linkedin Profile

Friday, 03 January 2014 10:53

LinkedIn is a professional website for job seekers who are actively in search of career opportunities. Currently it is the most widely used website with more than 250 million users and has a strong following among job seekers and employers. The website provides a simple and functional interface to the users where they can create a profile and manage all their work-related resources.

It is also an effective channel for people who share a common interest. A profile on LinkedIn can get you to the information-rich world of industry professionals. By engaging in a two-way communication with your counterparts, you can develop a strong sense of the latest practices and skills in your area of field.

On a larger scale, you have a chance of meeting with prospective employers and industry experts who might consider you as right contender for a job opportunity. So if you are desperately in a search of a desirable job, you can use this tool to showcase your career profile and experience for a specific job position.

1. Make An Impressive Profile

Your profile is a visual display of your image as a professional. A profile on LinkedIn has to be filled with right information that can act as a prop to get you a suitable job. Make sure that you have included all details that will show you as potential candidate for a specific role.

For example, if you are a professional actor, you can highlight your versatile talent by presenting the credentials that define your ability to portray shades of emotions. Share the types of role you have depicted on screen and any awards you have earned for. A dynamic profile will boost your chances twice more than someone with a plain description of his professional background.

2. Add A Snap

A photo makes the right impression on an employer. Use one of your favorite photos or get one in proper attire. Never put a snap that shows you in hanky-panky mood. LinkedIn is meant for serious professionals and such visuals will show you in a bad position.

3. Make Right Connections 

LinkedIn offers hub of activities for networking. By inviting maximum connections, you enter into the world of serious professionals. They can recommend you a promising opportunity or refer you in their network. This will help you get the necessary limelight of people who may become your biggest support in future.

For example, if you are a budding talent in copywriting, you can magnify your exposure to advertising field by inviting someone who shares similar background. Remember that networking is part of the real process of your job hunt and lead you to a worthy job opportunity.

4. Incorporate Industry-Specific Skills

Opportunities are meant for right people and right people are defined by their abilities. Unless your profile says something specific about your skills, you are out of vision of a prospective employer. But if you want attention of an employer, you have to attract him with right skills set. Showcase the expertise that sets you apart from others in the same league. For example, if you are an IT genius, set your skills section in a way that shows your best talent in this technical realm.

5. Engage with Professional Groups

LinkedIn hosts volley of professional groups that you can communicate with. These guys can prove to be a great help for your job hunt process. You can seek their valuable insights into your target industry or what works best in your area of field. These guys will acts as a beacon in the dark and tedious process of job search. Chat with them, exchange emails or invite them in a video conference.

Author Bio: Helen Dina is an educational analyst at: , a UK based academic consulting service. Her work has been featured on several educational blogs and magazines.