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Why the QS University Fair is Fantastic Opportunity for Graduates

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 13:52

By Victoria Taylor

 - Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the QS University Fair, which is essentially a way for the best universities across the globe to market themselves to students who are thinking of undertaking a Master’s degree. As someone who is looking into doing so in a few years’ time, I was able to find out first hand just how useful an event like that can be. 

The amount of variety in one room was amazing. You had schools from China, Switzerland, Norway and France all eager to show that their courses were the best choice, as well as a couple of US institutions, and a handful from up and down the United Kingdom. A lot of students don’t realise that studying abroad is a feasible option, but after to speaking to one of the Emerson representatives, it all seemed a little more within my grasp. Some of the overseas universities offer on-site accommodation for their students, as well as help with funding, both of which I was able to collect abundant amounts of information. An added bonus was that everyone I spoke to was incredibly open and friendly, making the whole process of choosing where to go to study a little less intimidating. 

The only drawback, I found, as well as the multiple heavy prospectuses I had to carry, was the lack of diversity when it came to subject matter. The majority of the schools there were focusing on Business Studies, Law, and the sciences. Out of the thirty, maybe forty schools that were there, only six offered any kind of arts programs, which was essential to me, as I am looking to do a Creative Writing Master’s degree. I felt that if there had been a few more options for art and humanities students, the fair would have been perfectly suited for everyone: otherwise, it’s alienating the other half of the spectrum that are focusing on less technical subjects. If the purpose of the fair is to encourage all students to think about education after university, then other subjects should be addressed too. There was also useful help and advice about the IELTs and other English language tests.

Overall, I found it an incredibly enjoyable and informative experience- it gave me a lot to think about in terms of overseas schools and if I really did want to undertake a Master’s after all. Definitely something every student should attend before graduation. 

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