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10 Weirdest University Societies

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 14:05

By Qudrat Khan

 - 1. Harry Potter and Gin Society - University of St. Andrews

There is no better way to enjoy this epic fantasy series than to read it whilst swigging some Gordon's, although I wouldn't attempt to act out some of the scenes whilst inebriated. Planning to tame a dragon might sound like a good idea, but you'll only end up embarrassing yourself when you come to realise that you're having it out with a mop.

 2. Twenty Minute Society - Newcastle University 

For those who were destined to leave everything to the last minute, the Twenty Minute Society at Newcastle University is nothing short of perfection. Members receive a Facebook message a surprising twenty minutes beforehand and are expected to meet in that short space of time to then head to an unknown venue. 

 3. Northern Society - Exeter University

Are you a northern student who made the decision to head south for three years? Are you now slightly regretting it? Do you go to Exeter University? Then have no fear for the Northern Society is here to help you quell your homesickness and encourage your chips and gravy fetish! 

4. Revolver and Pistol Club - Cambridge University 

Whether you fancy being American for the day or you wish to relive your ancestor’s glory days as a revolver-brandishing gentleman, then the Revolver and Pistol Club might be right up your street.

5. Stitch, Bake and Bitch Society - Northumbria University

Perhaps one of the more starkly-named societies on Northumbria's University campus, this group aims to bring people together with a shared love of arts and crafts, baking and an in-depth, ahem, discussion of 'current affairs'.

6.  Curry Appreciation Society - Bath University 

As it says on their website "who doesn't love curry"? A shared love of the British favourite brings many together, and with curries going seemingly cheap at this society, it'd be rude not to.

7. Cheesy Pop Society - York University

Catered to those who think the early noughties was a significant era for music, the Cheesy Pop Society allows its members an "exclusive queue-jump card and reduced prices of Cheesy Pop related outings." Time to dust off your camo pants and put on your chokers, it's time to take it old-school.

8. Qudditch Society - University of Nottingham

Another Harry Potter-related society because, let's face it, it's brilliant is the Qudditch Society. It can be found at the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University and the University of Reading. The Muggle version of the sport is really a cross between rugby and dodgeball, and with various events including the Christmas Yule Ball and trips to the Harry Potter studio, it really is worth putting your cloak on for.

9. Tiddlywinks Club - Cambridge University

Let out your inner child at the Tiddlywinks Club at Cambridge University, a society dedicated to the childhood game. However, its image has matured since we all last played it, with the stakes being raised to international levels (there really is an international stage for this game), it is for those who are determined to relive their childhood.

10. Happy Society - Durham University

A society that gives out free hugs, happy emails and hot chocolate. Need I say more?

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