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10 Reasons To Do A Masters Degree

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 13:55

By Laura Leung-How

 - 1. A rise in the number of firsts and 2:1s (awarded to 50% of all candidates) means postgraduate degree holders are more appealing to employers

 2. 74.9% of UK Masters graduates are employed, with an additional 13.4% either pursuing further study, or studying and working part-time 

 3. Around 40% of graduates who do a research Masters go on to do some form of further study, and of these, a majority pursue a PhD

 4. Most PhD programmes have around a 10% acceptance rate. Doing a Masters degree increases your chances of securing places on these programmes

 5. 80% of postgraduate degree holders secure professional or managerial jobs – compared to around 60% of first degree graduates

 6. Postgraduate women are extremely successful in finding employment, with only 5.6% who remain unemployed after graduating (compared to 8% of male postgraduates)

 7. Research by the Association of Graduate Recruiters suggests that of the employers who pay a premium to attract graduates, a large proportion offer an average of around £3,500 extra to Masters degree holders

 8. 60% of Business Masters students in 33 countries across the world  received  job offers before graduating

 9. Professions with the highest starting salaries more often than not require further education after a Bachelor’s degree.  These include careers in healthcare (medicine, dentistry, veterinary science), engineering, science, economics and business

 10. A Masters degree is almost a prerequisite for certain professions in teaching. The government provides funding of up to £6,000 - £9,000 to graduates wishing to gain a PGCE


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